What Prerequisite knowledge do you need to run this app ?

Pre-Installed software

  • v6.0>=node<=v8.9.2 Download

  • v4.0>=npm<=v6.91

Prerequisite Credentials you need to obtain in order to run this app

App Ids for Mobile App in app.json

  • Facebook Scheme

  • Facebook App Id

  • Facebook Display Name

  • iOS Client Id Google

  • Android Id Google

  • Amplitude Api Key

  • server url

Set credentials in API in file helpers/config.js and helpers/credentials.js

  • Email User Name

  • Password For Email

  • Mongo User

  • Mongo Password

  • Mongo DB Name

  • Reset Password Link

  • Admin User name

  • Admin Password

  • User Id

  • Name

Set credentials in Admin Dashboard in file src/index.js

  • Firebase Api Key

  • Auth Domain

  • Database Url

  • Project Id

  • Storage Buck

  • Messaging Sender Id

  • App Id

NOTE: Email provider has been only been tested for gmail accounts